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Quite a few people may not know this, but when dealing with construction businesses and contractors, clientele is gained more traditionally by word of mouth and peer to peer referencing. Now, because everything is done via social media, construction websites, and digital marketing companies are the new tools of the future for contractor marketing. New construction companies can be searched, found, and rated in a matter of seconds. It also encourages your organization’s growth in reaching a more immense range of people with optimized efficacy and in a much quicker time span.  As a contractor, contractor marketing means much more than simply saying “Hey, Jim, we do construction.”  Construction websites are now a rampant and ever-growing sector on the world wide web. 

Contractor Marketing Arizona

Home Service Marketing

Home service marketing, as a construction specialist, isn’t as simple as referrals, or word of mouth.  To adequately advertise the home services offered by your company, a direct-lead generating form of advertising is an absolute must, such as email marketing or mailing sales copy to individual homes.  When being a home service marketer, it is important to have the right team, tools, and website to take your construction business to the next level. Having the right team in place can either make or break you, as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The tools to start your new construction company begin, initially, with the team you have assembled, the strategy you have in play, the playbook you will follow, and the website you and your team have created.

“Why is digital marketing so important?”, you may ask. A custom marketing strategy can aid you in the way that the public sees your construction business, and also inform them in what you are bringing to the table, which is an absolute must when advertising. Social marketing is the new way to engage with the public and draw in the crowds. The crowd you engage with will be the one to begin the initial spread of your contracting business from one person to the next and so on, building your clientele, and bringing your construction business massive amounts of exposure. Exposure to clientele is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having a thriving and fruitful business, or businesses.  Couple the new exposure with word of mouth, and doorways will soon start opening.

home service marketing

When attempting home service marketing, it is important to set realistic goals for your business and try to see those goals through to fruition every single day. Creating said goals and sticking to them day in and day out shows the tremendous belief in your business and also ensures your business is growing and evolving in today’s industry. Taking your construction business to the next level means quite a bit of strategizing and always having a plan B, or a contingency plan, so to speak. Having a contingency plan is always a great idea and is paramount to ensuring you feel as if failure is never an option.  As Anthony Robbins said, “If you want to take the island, burn your boats.”

When designing your construction website, location, information, and communication area big deal, major, even. An informative website with plenty of content and photos to express your services, or what you are selling, a business number to contact you for questions and also an email address to reach you.  The goal is to have clients reach out to you, instead of your reaching out to them. 


Website Marketing

What is website marketing? Website marketing is anything from Social media, vlogs, blogs, emails, and the occasional internet ad; It is the process of marketing your business via internet. The internet being used by thousands every single day, worldwide, means plenty of opportunity and exposure for your business, or businesses.  To take full advantage of website marketing, first create a well-designed, easily accessible, and user-friendly website.  Having it be mobile user friendly is paramount, as most individuals browse the internet via their smart phones and other mobile devices. 

Website marketing is of the utmost importance now, more than ever.  Radio ads don’t really do much, as most individuals either use their phones, or Sirius to listen to music, and billboards are a dying tool.  Like Gary Vaynerchuk says “Most people aren’t looking at billboards because they are barely looking at the roads.  You know what their looking at?  Their phones.”   

Now, don’t think that I’m saying all other marketing methods are obsolete.  We all know that some methods are simply better than others, but if we supplement website marketing with optimized radio and billboard exposure, it can only assist in drawing in consumers and clients.


Content Marketing

Generally, when starting digital and website marketing, it is usually a good idea to envision what steps you want to take with your marketing campaign.  A few good methods are social media and email marketing.  One is broad, blanket marketing, the other targets individuals via email ads.  Another effective means of marketing is creating a blog, also known as content marketing.  The goal with a blog is to simply create informational and/or entertaining content that readers deem useful, which, in time, will attract more and more viewers. 

Search Engine Optimization

The best method of website marketing, all in all, would have to be the utilization of search engine optimization.  The goal of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to utilize keywords throughout your website.  These keywords are what search engines, such as Google, use to decide whether you are an appropriate match to what has been inserted in the search engine’s search bar.  The better the SEO, the higher you rank on the search engine results, and we all know what that means!

Contractor Marketing in a Nutshell – Social Media Teaser

Learning how to market your construction contracting company has never been easier than it is today.  Implementing the right tools and utilizing the proper platforms can steer your business from simply a local construction crew to something bordering on an internationally known organization.  Learn more at (link to blog post url)