Paid Advertising 

If you have been searching around the internet and looking at websites, then you most likely noticed many websites that have areas on their sites for advertising, also known as banner ads with links to other websites that redirect you to their product or services. Seeing these ads you have some idea of what pay per click (PPC) advertising is. You are probably wondering how to obtain and set up this type of marketing for your company.

At Theme 10, that’s where we come in. We know how to set this up for your company and we are considered pro’s in pay per click management!


Known as PPC, Pay-Per-Click advertising is an approach used for online internet marketing that drives traffic to your website. You pay website owners when your ad or link is is clicked on which in turn drives traffic to your site page that you have pre-determined. In essence, this form of marketing allows business owners to purchase visits to their website and gain needed traffic for acquiring new customers. This is a fast way to get your products or services out in front of potential consumers that are looking for your type of business.

We can generate the traffic you need for a successful PPC marketing campaign using expert research along with our experienced techniques for effective keyword selection to get top sales conversions. Choosing the right keywords for your business and to out perform your competition is critical for getting the best

ROI for each and every campaign. The other most import part is creating and drawing customers in so you attain a high click-thru rates. Theme 10 PPC experts will generate the traffic for the most cost effective marketing plan for you and your business.


As you will find, Theme 10 is the leading authority when implementing and maintaining a PPC plan for your web site. We understand ROI as we are business owners just like our customers, and we are passionate about driving home results.

We use time tested and ever evolving software and research tools, along with the Adwords management software that will get you the results you need and should expect. We understand working with an advertising budget and will guarantee you get the best bang for the buck. Your website will be on the fast track for new customers and our clients always get impressive results.

So, why not choose Theme 10? We deliver results and we are your best choice for PPC management service. Just ask us what we can do for you, or better yet, ask any of our successful clients what they think. We are committed to your industry, we are the professionals when it comes to marketing businesses and we are experts in online marketing and PPC management.

Let’s get started today, and have new customers calling you tomorrow! Call one of our marketing team experts now!

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